We are a “family doctor” for your workspace.

Because the state of our body keeps changing, most of us have a periodical check-up by our family doctor. Your family doctor knows you well, discusses the best intervention with you when necessary, and checks you up to see if it is working.

Like our body, the needs of your business for healthy workspace keep changing, since your business grows and transforms. Mirai works with you as a “family doctor” of your space before, during, and after its improvement, relocation, or new construction.

Yes, we are also excellent, as well, in the “surgical” part, the architectural, interior, and landscape design works. But we are unique, because the services before and after the design are its integral part. Our services include:

  • Analyze your existing space for occupants’ health and business efficiency
  • Talk with leaders to match the business goals and targets for the healthy office
  • Hold workshops for employees
  • Create guidelines for the new/improved workspace
  • Design your workspace
  • Provide post-occupancy evaluation of the space
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