What is “Space for Well-being”?

Have you ever felt energized being in the park, happier being in the sun-filled room with a large window, or focused in the cozy reading room?  Our spatial environment, both inside and outside, has the power to improve the state of our mind and body. At Mirai, we call such an environment “Space for Well-being.” The workplaces we create are carefully designed to enhance the well-being of people work there.

What does “Space for Well-being” do to you?

In short, “Space for Well-being” helps the individuals in it to realize their fullest potential. Here we are talking about your potential in every aspect of your life and business: physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and economical. As an integral part of your psychological potential, Mirai’s “Space for Well-being” also pays spetial attention to your mindfulness.

The power of “Space for Well-being” goes beyond individuals. It is beneficial to the business by saving cost, gaining productivity, providing a secure/safe environment, and presenting corporate social responsibility.