Why is “Space for Well-being” good for your business?

Your colleagues and employees will be healthier and happier!

And the company has these additional benefits:

  1. Cost saving
  2. Reduced health insurance cost by up to 5%*
  3. Lower absenteeism*
  4. Higher job satisfaction** that suggests higher job retention

(*2014 McGraw Hill Construction, **2006 American Society of Interior Design))

  • Better Productivity
  • Higher productivity by 3% or more (2014 McGraw Hill Construction)
  • $6,000/person productivity up to $40/person investment (Harvard Magazine 2017)
  • Additional Value to the Corporate Real Estate
  • Represent corporate social responsibility
  • One-time investment that significantly smaller than personnel costs over the years and its return lasts long. (WELL Brochure 2017)
  • Increased value of human experience that is becoming the most significant value of CRE (Jones Lang LaSalle 2017)
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