Workspace under the New Normal – Interview

Hitting return key to the offices

Yoko Kawai was interviewed for the report “Workspace and Work under the New Normal amid Covid-19 Pandemic” written by Miki Motegi-Hall of Whitebox CRE Solution for JETRO, Japanese External Trade Organization. Link to the report in Japanese here:「Covid-19 パンデミック下での新たな日常でのワークスペースと働き方」)

In the interview, Yoko discusses how to normalize and soften the “new” office environment that is guided by many regulations, signs, and red tapes. These new elements, without some creative intervention, could become stressors and decrease productivity.

Yoko also talks on remote work that she has been advocating for the last twenty years. Remote work, including work-at-home and satellite offices, will significantly increase for the people’s well-being as well as as a tool for agility and disaster management for the businesses.