“Workspace for Wellbeing as a Business Strategy” Talk

Yoko Kawai of Mirai Work Space discussed the importance of workspace for well-being as a business strategy at the webinar hosted by the Japanese MBA Group in NY (New York MBA-no-kai). We thank you all who attended the event!

Yoko conveyed four messages to the eager audience; 1) Investing on the employee well-being is a business strategy that promises high returns. 2) Wellbeing at workplaces has three components, work, workforce, and workspace. 3) Among the three, the workspace offer the most efficient platform and spring board from which companies can develop the various paths to the employee wellbeing.4) Japanese spatial concepts, rooted in the close relationship with nature, can globally contribute to create offices for wellbeing.

The New York MBA-no-kai posts a excellent description of Yoko’s talk on the Facebook page. 日本語での詳しい議事録が、NY MBAの会のFacebook pageにて公開されています。どうぞご覧ください。