Mindful Ways to Work from Home Webinar

Yoko Kawai will talk at the webinar “Mindful Ways to Work from Home: A Blueprint for Your Space and Soul for Focus Amidst COVID-19” hosted by Japan America Society of Southern California and Women’s Leadership Counts. It is on Wednesday, June 24, at 10-11AM (PT) / 1-2PM (ET). This event will open their “Activating Your Kaizen Mindset” webinar series.

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Do you work from home? Are you happy, healthy, and productive there? The New Normal of our work environment involves flexible workplaces including work-from-home. Companies like it for its agility and people love it for their work-life balance. Yet we still feel lost in navigating this new conjuncture of our personal and professional lives.

Through this webinar, two leaders in the fields of space and mind within the work environment present mindful ways to work from home.  Yoko Kawai, PhD, Lecturer at Yale School of Architecture and co-founder of Mirai Work Space, discusses the relationship between space and mind, and how you can design & adjust your home environment for a healthy and productive work-life. Julia Colangelo, DSW, LCSW, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and founder of Sea Change Wellness, LLC, introduces the principles and techniques of Mindfulness and Flow to remain productive and cope with unique psychological challenges you face while working from home.

For more information and registration, please visit the Society’s web site.